Hacktivists Hacked Around 250 Pro-ISIS Twitter Accounts And Turned Them Pro-LGBT

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9:03 am 18 Jun, 2016

Everyone is mighty mad about what happened at Pulse, a gay nightclub at Orlando. Following Islamic State’s claim that the gunman, Omar Mateen, was a member of the Caliphate, that anger is apparently raging.

So while the United States and other European countries continue to find themselves helpless before the barbarians, some hacktivists decided to take revenge in a style that is definitely going irritate the IS.

Someone who goes by the name of ‘WauchulaGhost’ led a team of hackers and infiltrated around 250 pro-IS Twitter accounts. And they turned everything – from display pictures to bio – to pro-LGBT content.


The Islamic State is deeply homophobic. Gays are thrown off the top of towers to their deaths. Nothing surprising since homosexual relationships are punishable by death in the entire Islamic world.

The accounts carrying dreadful messages and images now bear the rainbow flag and messages in support of the 49 people killed in Orlando.


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“You had all those innocent lives lost,” the hacker known as WauchulaGhost told CNNMoney in an interview published on Thursday. “I just felt there’s something I could do against the Islamic State to defend those people.”


Photos were morphed to make them look like this.

Photos were morphed to make them look like this.

The hacktivism against Islamic State is on for last several months now. Hacking collective Anonymous and Ghost Security Group have broken into many pro-IS handles on social media.

Over 1,25,000 ISIS-related accounts have been removed by Twitter alone since mid-2015. But a united worldwide on-the-ground action against the terror group is yet to be seen.


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