The Prize Money That Mithali Raj Got After Winning The Women Of The Match Award Will Shock You

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11:50 am 5 Jun, 2018


Cricket is the biggest religion in India, and our cricketing heroes are regarded as no less than Gods. While we have been binge-watching cricket for over three decades, we were quite unaware that women cricket exists, too. It is only in the last few years that it has received the spotlight that was long due. All thanks to the rise of Mithali Raj, and her talented team.




But still, it seems that women players have to go a long long way before they get the recognition they truly deserve. Recently, Mithali Raj was awarded the Woman of the Match award after India’s first win at the Asia Cup against Malaysia. Though she scored a critical knock of 97 runs, the prize money she received was a mere $250, which is equivalent to Rs 16, 750 approx.

It is evidently too less for the hard work that our women players show in the field.

Needless to say, in comparison, men are paid a humongous amount. This injustice was noticed by the netizens, thus, they stood up and attacked the cricket authorities. Because we care for cricket irrespective of the gender.

This is a fact.


We wish this was a joke, but it’s a reality.

That’s quite an introspection.

Have some shame, sponsors.

A perfect summary.



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