Priyanka Chopra’s Quantico Shows India Trying To Frame Pakistan Wrongly. Twitterati Reacts Angrily

2:46 pm 4 Jun, 2018


The celebrated actress of India, Priyanka Chopra, is playing her part perfectly to emerge as a Hollywood diva. She came into fame with her TV series Quantico where she plays the role of an FBI agent. However, her fame is smeared with trolling from many Indians, especially on Twitter. Most of the times, the trolling is based on stupid issues. That happened again with the release of the latest episode but this time the trolls might be right to react.



Currently, Season 3 of Quantico is on air and the episode 5 named ‘The blood of Romeo,’ caused the outrage. The story of the episode has two parallel plots. One is the Indian and Pakistani officials visiting the USA for a peace talk. The other is terrorists kidnapping a scientist and blackmailing her to build an active nuclear bomb.




Though the plot offers nothing new, what vexed the audiences is the ending where Priyanka Chopra finds a Rudraksha mala on one of the dead terrorists and reaches the conclusion that it’s an effort by India to frame Pakistan. This is the dialogue she delivers:

“Not Pakistani it’s a Rudraksha mala, a Hindu rosary, the last thing you will find on a Pakistani Muslim. It’s a false flag operation. Indian nationals hoping to frame Pakistanis in a mushroom cloud.”

It was first pointed out by a user who attracted everyone’s attention towards this episode of Quantico through a series of tweets. He called the plot implausible. Here’s what he posted:





Expectedly, the post became viral and people started commenting showing their outrage. They slammed Priyanka Chopra too. Here are some of the comments:








However, there were also those who took a humorous dig at the entire scenario. Read the posts here:






What would you say?

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