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Ever Wondered Why Priyanka Chopra Won The Miss World 2000 Beauty Pageant?

Published on 2 August, 2016 at 5:33 pm By

We have seen how Priyanka Chopra went from a desi girl to the ‘Quantico’ star and now, of course, the ‘Bay Watch’ beauty. Then, she got a platform to show her talent after she won the Miss World 2000 title.



She has a huge fan following; while some people think that she underwent various plastic surgeries to become what she is today and not because of talent.

Proving those people wrong, this video shows how intelligently she answered during the Q/A session of Miss World 2000.


Yes, she is beautiful (or has become beautiful) but there is no doubt now that she always had a brain. That’s the reason she managed to answer so intelligently and came out as a winner.



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