Here’s Priyanka’s Bang On Reply To Those Who Trolled Her Photoshopped Armpits

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Updated on 5 Sep, 2017 at 2:18 pm

People have always fallen for Priyanka Chopra’s beauty and her super hot looks have alway been praised. But this time, something else happened when Priyanka Chopra posted her new photo shoot picture.


Maxim tweeted her hot photo and no doubt Priyanka is looking stunning in this one too!


But after noticing her beauty, people noticed something else too. They observed how neatly her armpit has been Photoshopped. They even compared it with a baby’s bottom. Well, she got trolled badly!



Answer Priyanka


So unrealistic


Well, Priyanka knows how to reply and, hence, she posted her no-filter picture for all those who tried trolling her and shut them up!


I want to ask people, why didn’t they notice the smooth legs of Priyanka Chopra in this?


Frankly speaking, this is nothing new. Photoshop has been used for years to make celebs look way better than they are. If someone thinks celebs looks like that without the help of an entire team, they mustn’t have heard the saying: