You’ll Be Surprised To Know That This Astrologer Predicted Priyanka Chopra’s Wedding 13 Years Ago!

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3:19 pm 24 Aug, 2018


Who would have imagined that our desi girl would marry a videshi? But all is fair in love. Right? Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas got engaged a week back, and wedding bells would be ringing soon. If for you, Priyanka dating Nick Jonas came as a big surprise, then, you would probably have a hard time believing that an Astro-numerologist had predicted about Priyanka’s marriage about 13 years back.

It was in 2005 when an Astro-numerologist, Sanjay B Jumaani, quoted in a Filmfare article that, “Priyanka is likely to get married in her 36th year.”



What’s even more magical is that Nick proposed Priyanka to marry him on her 36th birthday on July 18 in London, and the actress happily said a big yes.


Not only this, Priyanka and Nick are perfectly made for each other according to numerology. Astrologer Jumaani told during an interview:


“Priyanka and Nick are Water and Earth signs respectively, and hence, are made for each other, just like Earth and water that always stay together. They have a lot in common too. For instance, ‘Nick Jonas’ adds to a 2 and so do ‘Priyanka Chopra’ and ‘PC’. Furthermore, they are both governed by Moon (2) and Neptune (7). These affect the mental space and can cause mood swings. Therefore, I recommend yoga, pranayama and meditation for Nick, and yoga and exercise for PC which will help her keep calm,”



Well, there is more to it! There is a strong possibility that PC might join politics at the age of 45.

“She should never take the Aamir Khan route and be choosy about her roles. She needs to be constantly active to creatively channelize the excess energy Mars gives her. She could do well in the production department too, so long as she avoids partnerships. She is likely to get married in her 36th year. After the age of 45, she may show an interest in politics and is likely to succeed in it,”



Wait a second, is there anything that Priyanka Chopra won’t do in this lifetime? Well, I don’t think so!