Priyanka Chopra Trolled Again, This Time For Making ‘Sexual’ Comment Against Indian Films!

2:22 pm 10 Jun, 2018


Priyanka Chopra has become the talk-of-the-town ever since the controversial episode of her Hollywood show ‘Quantico’ has aired. People have been slamming her show for the wrong portrayal of Indians as terrorists. Not only the makers of the Hollywood show ‘Quantico’, but PeeCee is also facing the wrath of the Twitterati for the ‘ridiculous’ plot of her show, apparently.

While the makers of the show have apologized for the ‘wrong’ plot of the episode, people are still demanding an apology from Priyanka Chopra. They are even asking Piggy Chops to have shame on herself, calling her ‘money-hungry’ and ‘sell-out’.




Well, the backlash of the netizens does not stop here as the international diva has landed her in trouble all over again. Yes, you heard that right! Apparently, the ‘Bajirao Mastani’ actress has given a ‘negative’ comment and this time, against the Indian films.



During a red carpet interview, Priyanka Chopra made a rather bizarre statement about Indian films in front of the global media. In her statement, PeeCee said that “with Indian movies, everything is about the HIPS and the BOOBS. It is all about the movement of the hips and the boobs”.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself!


Evidently, Priyanka Chopra said that in Indian movies, it is all about the hips and the boobs. Well, this statement has created yet another controversy for the Bollywood diva as the netizens are brutally slamming her for saying that Indian movies are all about the ‘body’ and nothing else.



People have responded with outrageous messages reminding PeeCee about the best of Indian cinema and how wrong she is to say that! Take a look at some of the tweets:


There are cult-classics in Bollywood also!

She is being called a ‘show-off’!

Trashing the industry that got you there?

It is shameful!

This is bizarre!

Priyanka is being reminded of the best actresses in the industry!



People are hating her!

Blast from the past!

What do you think?

Greedy for money?

Why PeeCee!

National shame?