Is Foreign Media Not Able To Digest How A Successful Bollywood Celeb Can Marry In Such Grandeur?

5:33 pm 6 Dec, 2018


The whole world knows that Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas exchanged wedding vows at Jodhpur’s grand Umaid Bhawan Palace on December 1 and 2. The social media users have been anything but shy in showering their blessings on the newlyweds! But recently an article (which has been now taken off) appeared in The Cut, which is owned by The New York magazine. It had some really mean words against our Desi girl PeeCee as it labeled the actress as a ‘global scam artist’ and criticized her and Nick’s union.

Just for the record, the article has been heavily criticized by social media users because of its peculiar stand on the NickYanka wedding.



We got hold of some screenshots from the article. Take a look at the same:



























However, The publication has now made an official apology for their actions. This is what they have to say:



As we said, the article invited huge backlash from Twitterati. The users were fierce in criticising the article and termed it as “sexist” and “racist. The article’s writer Mariah Smith was slammed by everyone.


Take a look at what Tweeple had to say:















And not just commoners, even PeeCee’s in-laws got furious after reading the article. They took to their respective Twitter handles and expressed their discontentment with the write-up.

Now, have a read at what they had to say:






See what his brother-in-law Joe had to say!




The best part was the reaction of Priyanka Chopra. The actress has beautifully responded to all the fiasco and said in an interview to a media house:


“I don’t even want to react or comment. It’s not even in my stratosphere. I’m in a happy place at this moment. These kind of random things can’t disturb it.”



We think that the write-up published on The Cut was not justified. Despite the fact that site is generally supportive of women, the article appeared to be racist and distasteful towards successful Indian women like PeeCee. The actress  did not deserve such unnecessary criticism. Do you think that foreign media is not able to stomach the fact that a Bollywood celeb like PeeCee can marry in such grandeur? Let us know in the comments!

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