Twitterati Lose Their Sh*t Over A Message On Priyanka Chopra’s Tee Shirt

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7:59 pm 11 Oct, 2016

Priyanka Chopra is always making headlines, whether or not she wants to. The latest on the ‘Quantico’ star is that some people are ticked off by the message on a tee shirt she’s wearing on the cover of a magazine.


Twitterati, obviously, had a problem with this tee shirt and went ballistic. Here’s how some people reacted:


Condé Nast Traveller recently responded with their reason for using this particular message on their cover photo,

It’s about how our labelling of people as immigrants, refugees and outsiders is creating a culture of xenophobia… Whether we are moving across oceans or just a few kilometres, or in our mind’s eye, into a completely different world, whether we are doing so due to free will or circumstance—we are all travellers.


Who would’ve thought a ganji could cause so much trouble?!! Is it just me, or have we become overly sensitive about everything? Everything but the things that matter, that is! Maybe it’s we lighten up and open up a dialogue about the stuff that matters. Just maybe!



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