Priyanka Chopra Spotted With Nick Jonas In Mumbai, And Trolls Don’t Know When To Back Off

9:31 pm 24 Jun, 2018


Priyanka Chopra, the Jamshedpur-born Indian actress, is super talented and has tried her hands at singing and producing as well. The actress has done her country proud on many occasions. She won the Miss World title in the year 2000, and also represented India in Hollywood and US TV space on multiple occasions.

But of late, it seems like nothing is going right for her, except if the rumor about her dating Nick Jonas is true. After all, it still is a rumor!


Priyanka and Nick at the Met Gala. Source

In the past few weeks, the world has turned topsy-turvy for PC and all her fans. First, the actress was under fire for an unfortunate sequence in her show ‘Quantico’.

Some people even started a campaign asking brands to drop her as their brand ambassador.


Priyanka and Nick in Mumbai

Priyanka accompanied Nick to his cousin’s wedding. popsugar

And even after Priyanka Chopra took to Twitter to issue an apology, she still could not breathe with relief. Also one of her comments about the dance sequences in Indian cinema also put her on the bad side of Indian fans.

And now the trolls have set their eyes on the actress’s rumored relationship with American singer-songwriter Nick Jonas. This rumored relationship has been the talk of the whole international space for a while now. And though they haven’t officially confirmed their relationship, there was news of Nick coming to India to meet PC’s mother.



And finally, it seems like the actress and beau have landed in Mumbai. Look at the post above which reports how the rumored couple tried to sneak in quietly, but all in vain.

The couple was also photographed out and about in Mumbai, with Madhu Chopra, Priyanka’s mother, accompanying the two.


Priyanka and Nick headed out to have dinner on Friday night in Mumbai. Source

As expected, netizens soon flooded the social media with their opinions and take on the couple’s rumored relationship. Some ridiculed the actress and some had had enough of the media space the rumored couple was taking up. Have a look:

She’s an aunty



Nick looks like a kid in front of Priyanka Chopra



Pedophile! Really people?




No one cares.



She’s probably after his citizenship



She has come with her younger brother!



She’s a traitor, really?



While a lot of people treated Priyanka’s personal life like it was their own, there were some mature netizens who preached ‘live and let live’.


Let ’em live, people.


Fuck the haters



She should live her life the way she wants



Hope they have a good time



Where do you stand on the whole Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas saga? Do let us know in the comments section below.