Priyanka Chopra Has A Lookalike In Pakistan. Check Out Her Photos Here

5:08 pm 17 Apr, 2018


It looks like Pakistan too is obsessed with Bollywood celebrities. Apart from launching their singers here, they even exported some of their top actors to get some work here. While Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan proved their mettle in movies like Raees and Khoobsoorat, there was a story on Pakistan’s doppelgangers which we shared with you. One such was about Priyanka Chopra’s doopleganger, a Pakistani model called Zhalay Sarhadi.



While she’s so popular that she was even asked to play Piggy Chop’s body double. Now there’s another stunning beauty who has caught our attention. Her resemblance to Priyanka is simply uncanny and the first look at her will make you say: “Damn, this girl looks like Priyanka Chopra so much!”.




The lookalike is Pakistani actress Sonya Hussyn. Her resemblance to the Indian actress is too hard to miss and so is their matching smiles! Check it out:



Responses poured in, and the majority came to a positive consensus that the two actresses did look alike:



But just by looking at their smiles isn’t enough, right? So here’s more evidence that these two stunners have more in common than those big lips.


Let’s start with all the cool shade selfies…



Or their travel selfies…



Of course, how can we miss those sensuous pouts!



Now let’s check their selfies with those big bold eyes, minus those sunglasses…




They’ve both got similar style too – stylish and well-tailored outfits!



And pretty much those similar photo-shoot poses:



And boy, do they even have the same soft curls waving down their beauty?!



Sonya and Priyanka both have a thing for silly faces as well:



And have the similar love for cute pets!



By looking at their pictures, do you need MORE proof? Well, here it is:



Sonya Hussyn is Pakistan’s answer to Priyanka Chopra.What do you think? Do share your opinion in the comments section below!




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