Priyanka Chopra Proves Why She’s Considered The Alpha Female

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Updated on 22 Apr, 2016 at 6:06 pm


Priyanka Chopra is officially among-st the 100 most influential people in the world marking her pinnacle with a poised feature on TIME Magazine cover.

Already having owned the last two years with Quantico, Baywatch, Oscar appearance, People’s Choice Award and the latest being the Padma Shree, we’ve no idea where will this Desi girl halt after being called the ‘most influential person’.


A mind-blowing magazine feature or a kick-ass interview, Priyanka is her usual self re-emphasizing her candidness, her brutal ambitions and her mysterious charm every time. Clearly, she’s the alpha-female goal of every girl out there.

Here’s what makes her the Queen that she is:

1. “I can’t take anything for granted.”

She is straddling two careers across continents. With overwhelming credit comes deep-rooted responsibilities. She slogs for 16 hours straight but she is not complaining. She does what it takes because after all, this is exactly what she wants. You don’t get tired working for things you feel passionate about.


2.  “I am an Indian star first and then a global actor.”

When she was asked if critical acclaim and international fame changed her life, this is what she had to say. An artist is a global citizen. “Life hasn’t changed. The truth is, wherever you work, the language of filmmaking is the same. There is madness and chaos on every set. The challenge was television versus movies.”

3. “I learnt acting on my own.”

She doesn’t rehearse before her scenes. She acts with her instincts and this has become a strength. “If I prepare too much for a scene, my instincts don’t kick in and I become robotic. I can’t give the same take twice. I have never planned anything between action and cut.” The real-est things in life come from within – soul, heart, instinct.


4. “I take tremendous pride in being a Hindi film actor.”

No one has so unabashedly said this statement before. Priyanka is aware that Bollywood is one of the most prolific industries in the world. In fact, she has opened the door to a whole new audience for Hindi movies. “My crew here hasn’t seen Bollywood films, so they are wide-eyed when they see me as Kashibai… Everyone thinks it is all about dancing around trees… I am enjoying introducing people to the kind of films we are making today.”


5. “I think the world is male-dominated; it’s not just about India.”

If this is coming from an international actor/singer, we have few reasons to not believe her. In her amazing candor, she blurts out how women have always been treated as second-class. “I think it a great time for feminism, there are so many people standing up for women’s rights.” Finally, a woman who knows the core of feminism and stands for it.


6. “There are no excuses if you are unhappy in a relationship.”


When Priyanka was prodded about her stand on infidelity in relationships, Priyanka was unapologetically the 21st century girl that she is. “No way! I don’t think you should be in a relationship if your partner is in love with someone else. It is also about one’s self-respect.”


7. “My choice for the film is never a hero, it’s my part and my director.”

“I like creating art and working with filmmakers who enjoy being on a film set, and who want to live and die there telling stories.” A great actor could be a bonus but never the sole reason for her choice.


8. “I am not competitive, but collaborative.”

Priyanka says she’s confident about her talent and never lets her insecurities take the lead. “Someone once told me, ‘There are no small roles, there are only small actors.’ I play a part in the film, I am not the film.” She says when you work for a film, its a collective effort and not a self-centered deed.


9. “I wish that more actors from India come into global entertainment.”

See, that’s why she is called a woman of substance. She is not jealous or insecure. She is excited about Deepika Padukone entering Hollywood. “Actors like Irrfan and Anil Kapoor have paved the way for me here. I am proud of Deepika. It is time for Indian actors to take credit for the fact that we come from one of the most prolific industries in the world.”


10. “You can make time for anything, even love.”

Priyanka plays her charm whenever she is quizzed about her love life. “Just because you don’t know about it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.”


11. “I don’t want to be rich, I don’t want to be famous and I don’t even want to be happy. I want to be great. That is exactly what I am looking for.”

When asked about the difference between the media in west and here in India, she talked about how fascinated people were about her roots.”They are intrigued because I am different. I have never wanted to be anybody else, from anywhere else.”


You can read the entire interview here.