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Priyanka’s ‘Glam’ BTS Bathtub Image From Jonas Brothers’ Music Video Sucker Is Lit AF!

Published on 2 March, 2019 at 1:34 pm By

After 6 years, the Jonas Brothers’ are back with a bang! The interesting part of the video is that the three brothers are seen featuring with their significant others. Nick with Priyanka, Kevin with Danielle, and Joe with Sophia. And, the couples looks sizzling hot together! Priyanka Chopra took to Instagram to share a behind the scene image from the video with her fans and she looks gorgeous.


Before telling you about the PeeCee’s image, let us tell you a bit more about the video. Named Sucker, the video was shot in England. The fans received it with love and it has captured one of the top trending positions since its release. Check out the video:



Not surprisingly, the image Priyanka Chopra shared went viral quickly. She posted the image with the caption:

‘Glam baths .. yes pls.. the #jonasbrothers Are back! #sucker

Before and after. 🥶


Best hubby ever. @nickjonas ❤️’


In the image, she is seen soaking in a bathtub. However, it’s her headgear with jewelry and floral accents that will instantly attract your attention. Take a look:



Isn’t her bold look lit AF? Though there were senseless trolls who tried to shame the actress, most couldn’t stop praising her glam look. Here’s what they said:






This, however, is not the only snippet she shared. The Insta post had two other images and in one of them she is seen hugging her hubby.



The third photo is taken from the back as the couples walks away from the shooting place. Assuming, it was taken after pack-up.



Priyanka Chopra also tried other looks in the videos. With over-the-top makeup and larger than life avatar, she looks absolutely fabulous. The same can be said about the others featuring in the video.



We loved her look and Instagram post. The same can also be said about Jonas Brothers’ video Sucker! What about you? Did you like the image and the video? Share with us in the comments.

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