Are Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas Secretly Engaged? Check Out Their Cartier Rings

1:33 pm 27 Jun, 2018


Pee Cee aka Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have been giving us serious relationship goals ever since they spent time over a Los Angeles Dodgers game during a holiday weekend in 2017. Priyanka Chopra’s relationship with alleged boyfriend Nick Jones has become talk of town after pictures of them emerged online.

The 35-year-old ‘Quantico‘ actress and her 25-year-old boyfriend Jonas are the latest celebrity couple who graced the Met Gala event together last year.



The couple regularly engages in adorable PDA. Despite their 10-year age gap, they love romantic dinner dates and love chilling out with their friends on yachts like this:



Priyanka Chopra and Nick have also continued their public courtship with airport cool looks and twinning over Starbucks coffee!



Their alleged ‘affair’ seems to be getting hotter everyday – with both appearing openly in public together while the world keeps guessing their status.



Priyanka Chopra and Nick have also been engaging in interesting ‘Instagram PDA’, commenting on each other’s pictures like this:



And this particluar comment from Priyanka Chopra for her rumoured ‘boyfriend’ Nick is hard to miss:



The couple felt all shy and uninterested in having pictures clicked after arriving in Mumbai on their first trip together:




As reported by TY earlier, they headed to BKC for dinner right after landing. Here, they arrive amidst waiting cameramen and swelling media:



While being clicked, the focus went straight onto their fingers – both wore similar looking gold rings on their first dinner date in India. Turns out PC and Nick are giving serious hints with their respective bands:



Do you see Nick Jonas’ right hand middle finger?



This one is far, but we can smell the essence of love in this picture as well:



However, Priyanka and Nick are certainly not engaged! They are both wearing the ‘promise ring’ which are Cartier love bands. For the unknown, “committed” couples wear these rings as first token of serious relationship.



Interestingly, Priyanka once told Karan Johar that “you are single until you’re married”. Watch this throwback interview with the director: