Priyanka Chopra Tears Apart ’90s Beauty Stereotypes In The Sassiest Way Possible. Watch Video

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2:28 pm 29 Jun, 2018


It started with Miss World 2000 beauty pageant and now she has become an international name. Yes, we are talking about none other than the Quantico star, Priyanka Chopra. From a supermodel to a Hollywood star, the actress has come a long way. There is no doubt saying that PeeCee has fans all around the globe and she leaves no stone unturned to inspire them.



Whether it’s about visiting refugee camps or talking about women empowerment, the actress has taken every step like a challenge. Yet again, she is back in the news for doing something really empowering. Our very own desi girl is in a latest viral video in which she is seen tearing apart the ’90s beauty stereotypes in the sassiest way possible.



Allured  Magazine conducted an interview where Priyanka Chopra was asked to give her reaction to the ’90s stereotypical headlines. And guess what? The actress nailed it!

Giving some perfect answers to headlines categorizing women, Priyanka did what she is best at. The video has gone insanely viral. People are liking the way the actress is dissecting and trying to make sense of them. The reaction went a little forward and the magazine had to beep-out one of her reactions where the actress used the F-word.


Take a look at the video below:


Sadly, the headlines are more regrettable than informational. Tearing apart each of them, the actress gave some really empowering answers asking women to embrace themselves the way they are. She even pointed out a common perspective that a few men have regarding the intelligence level of women. Talking about how every woman is beautiful, Priyanka has sent an important message asking people to stop discriminating and categorizing women on the basis of their color, size, nationality, etc.



Do you think stereotyping women is a thing of past or it happens in today’s society as well?