PeeCee Is Having An Awesome Bridal Shower Before Her Marriage And We Are Loving It!

5:55 pm 29 Oct, 2018


Bollywood’s ace actress Priyanka Chopra made a lot of headlines when she got engaged to her alleged boyfriend Nick Jonas. Thankfully nothing is alleged and hidden anymore as the duo is happily engaged. Their beautiful love saga has just begun and it seems that fans are loving it to the core! You’ll have to admit that Priyanka and Nick look super cute together, don’t they?! Oh, by the way have you heard about Priyanka’s bridal shower? If you haven’t then you are in for a treat!

PeeCee‘s near and dear ones organized a beautiful bridal shower before her grand day, in New York. Sounds awesome right? I mean what can be better than your loved ones being happy in your happiness, I am sure many of us must have experienced this beautiful feeling.




Now take a look at this beautiful picture from Priyanka’s bridal shower which is currently making its round on the internet. Brought to you straight from her stylist’s Instagram handle:



One thing is crystal clear. Priyanka Chopra seems to be super happy! I mean look at her smile! Chic as ever Priyanka can be seen wearing a white coloured Marchesa feathered dress. It appears to me that to make her look more graceful, this sultry diva opted for nude Christian Louboutin pumps. Not to forget that accessory which she is gracefully carrying, yes, I am talking about that bling from Tiffany! Looking at her picture, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that she will make a very beautiful bride.

As a treat take a look at some of the other pictures from Priyanka’s bridal shower:



Look at her gorgeous smile!



She is going to be a beautiful bride!




As of now Priyanka and Nick have not said anything about their official wedding date, but trust us, gossip mills are abuzz that Priyanka and Nick will solemnize on December 2. Whichever day it may be, we are super thrilled for both of them and cannot wait to see her as a bride. Are you excited too?

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