Priya Prakash Varrier’s ‘Wink’ Lands Her In Fresh Trouble, Hyderabad Parties File Petition In SC

3:25 pm 10 Apr, 2018


It has not been long since Mollywood star Priya Prakash Varrier became India’s ‘National Crush’, after swiftly surpassing some of the most credible Bollywood stars in terms of Google search and earning through social media marketing.


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The official ‘expression queen’ infatuated and mesmerised her fans with her sexy ‘wink’ and flirty expressions when the teaser of her viral song ‘Manikya Malaraya Poovi’ got released. And the teenage Malayalam actress became an internet sensation overnight.




All thanks to these two expressions, the nation quickly fell in love with her and social media became obsessed with her in a matter of just few hours. The newest internet sensation became insanely popular on Instagram, that today she has got around 5.3 million followers because of her that one ‘wink’!



Her popularity with the release of the first song was so huge overnight, that the makers of ‘Oru Adaar Love’ decided to cash in on her popularity and released another teaser from the film within a month!



But Priya’s wink became an object of troubles for her, even before the film released. This act of ‘winking’ hurt the sentiments of certain community and they targeted her like a bully. Earlier we reported that on Valentine’s Day this year, a group of Hyderabadi Muslim youth had filed a police complaint against her ‘viral song’, alleging that it hurt their religious sentiments.

Here’s a copy of that complaint exclusive to Republic:



In another incident, a Mumbai-based outfit, Raza Academy, wrote to CBFC demanding a ban on her song, alleging that the lyrics contain “objectionable text mentioning the name of Islam’s Holy Prophet and His Wife”. The letter asked to take measures to ‘block the videos’ and ‘take immediate and imminent action on culprits.

Take a look at the letter written by Raza Academy to CBFC below:



For the uninitiated, in the song, Priya raises her eyebrows and then winks at a classmate (her co-star Roshan Abdul Rahoof) which makes him swoon and go crazy over her flirty ways. Watch the video yourself, in case you missed it:



Now this controversial ‘wink’ has refused to die down with Muslim sentiments. Again, a fresh plea has reportedly been filed in the Supreme Court, seeking removal of the song from the yet-to-be-released Malayalam film – claiming that winking is “forbidden in Islam.”



The notice has been served by the Muslim community against her ‘wink’. Just like earlier complaints, in the application, the Hyderabad residents have raised the issue of certain “objectionable visuals” depicted in the song. They have argued that picturisation is certainly an “act of blasphemy.”


According to the parties, “The 30-second clip shows a young schoolgirl and schoolboy exchanging smiles, eyebrows wiggles and winks from across the way. It has completely captivated audiences but with a wrinkle on the face of religious Muslims.”

In February earlier this year, the Supreme Court had stayed all the FIRs against the song and the movie.



Responding to the controversy around the song, film’s director Omar Lulu had earlier said that the song had no objectionable reference and said Muslims in the Malabar region of North Kerala had been singing it for over four decades.



The final decision lies with the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, the movie is slated for June 14, 2018, release date. Here’s the trailer of the movie: