Priya Varrier’s Popularity Has Made An Entry Into IIT Bombay’s Test On Machine Learning

12:27 pm 9 Mar, 2018


Priya Prakash Varrier, India’s latest sensational who captured everyone’s heart when she winked cutely in a song video, has now made a grand entry into a tough mechanical exam, which may have just made her status even grander. A teenager who has certainly become a social media force to reckon with, has made it all the way to this place only because of one cheeky wink and seductive smile. This one gesture has led her to being called the ‘wink girl’ by her many crazy followers!


The young upcoming actress made her fans swell overnight, by garnering 5.1 million Instagram followers since her viral song video, making her even more popular than Mark Zuckerberg and Sunny Leone – and all this is before the release of her debut movie!


As if her record-making feat in itself wasn’t enough, she gave us another reason to rejoice on Holi with her same co-star Roshan Abdul Rahoof.




Despite her fan base hugely being the young generation, Priya has even won the hearts of professors (that too, teaching in IIT). And looks like Prof Amit Sethi, the subject teacher for Machine Learning at IIT Bombay, also couldn’t escape from her wink and popularity as well.

He took the perfect opportunity and jumped on the viral bandwagon, by including the teenage sensation in one of his test subjects!


Prof Amit Sethi regularly chooses popular trending memes to make his coursework and teaching classes more interactive. The teacher is known for decreasing levels of tension by making his classes enjoyable and what better subject than Priya Prakash!


Yes! Priya has made an appearance in the mid-term question paper of the Machine Learning course at IIT-Bombay, and this just gives a glimpse of Priya’s growing fame by the day.

Take a look at the question that has surprised the IITians.


In the question paper, the students were asked to image the ‘wink girl’ reporting to cyber crime division due to threatening comment on her FB page, and how they would suggest legal actions for the same.


On the professional front, the Malayalam actress is all excited for her upcoming movie Oru Adaar Love which is directed by Omar Olu. If you missed what she did to reach here, watch this video:




All this might sound crazy, but we definitely need more such professors who make the toughest subjects more interactive. We hope all the boys scored full marks in this question paper at least!

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