This Is How Famous Bollywood Actors React When Approached By Beggars!

4:33 pm 10 Aug, 2018


Bollywood stars have a huge fan craze wherever they go – be it in India or abroad. Back home in India, these actors are treated literally like gods, with even some places named after them! These privileged Bollywood stars can own anything – lavish homes, expensive cars, designer wardrobe, and many more things. Most of these Bollywood stars are involved with huge charity works to support good causes and underprivileged masses.

Let’s have a look at 5 of these privileged Bollywood stars and how they behave when approached by underprivileged for food or money.


1. Salman Khan


privileged Bollywood stars




Salman Khan is the face of ‘Being Human’, his charity organization under ‘The Salman Khan Foundation’. It works towards healthcare and education for the lesser privileged. In the list of privileged Bollywood stars, his names always comes up.



He actively sponsors their education and waiting beggars and street children mob him always. Salman leaves them with a handshake and few generous gifts.


2. Shah Rukh Khan



Shah Rukh Khan is also one of those privileged Bollywood stars who believe in a helping hand. The Badshah of Bollywood is a kind person in real life too. Shah Rukh doesn’t publicise his good work but always contributes to the society with donations and charity.



Superstar Shah Rukh Khan is also associated with Meesha foundation and works closely with an NGO called ‘Make a wish foundation’


3. Amitabh Bachchan 



Bollywood’s Shahenshah is by far one of the most privileged Bollywood stars. He regularly administers polio drops to the underprivileged children and also visits hospitals too.



Amitabh Bachchan once cleared all the debts of over hundred farmers in the Wardha belt of Maharashtra when he heard of their plight.


4. Vivek Oberoi



Not many know, but Vivek Oberoi is also one the privileged Bollywood stars who have been actively part of several philanthropic causes. After a slowdown in movies, he spends his time in social uplift of the underprivileged and especially girl child.



On September 16, 2009, Sushmita joined  Project DEVI, which was Vivek Oberoi’s personal charity The Yashodhara Oberoi Foundation.


5. Ranveer Singh



Deepika Padukone’s alleged boyfriend Ranveer Singh is not just privileged in love but in status also. Wherever Ranveer goes, people hound him for attention and autographs. The ‘Padmaavat’ actor recently acknowledged the love of a differently abled beggar and won everyone’s heart.



Ranveer puts his money where his heart is. He participated in a global fund-raising drive initiated by Ching’s Secret (and YRF) and also sponsored mid-day meals for 10,000 children for a year.