Prisoners In Their Own Campus, Pro-India NIT-Srinagar Students Holding On Their Own

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4:21 pm 6 Apr, 2016


The nationalistic NIT-Srinagar students are now holding a peaceful protest inside the campus with hand-made posters of the tricolour.

Even female students have joined in the protest against anti-India forces with cries of ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’.



Sources told TY News that the national flag hoisted by pro-India students on April 1 was taken away from them by the J&K police, and despite repeated requests has not been returned.


The students who are reportedly trying to leave the campus are actually only making attempts to speak to the media.

Sources said that students were afraid of a backlash from the locals based on “biased and planned interviews” against them.

This is why they are continuously making attempts at reaching the media.


A pro-India student cries as he sees violent anti-India forces beating up his friends at NIt-Srinagar. Facebook

A pro-India student cries as he sees violent anti-India forces beating up his friends at NIt-Srinagar. Facebook

What has exactly happened at NIT-Srinagar?

According to sources, the police was called in by the administration following the clashes that erupted on the night of March 31 and the subsequent protests that took place on April 1.

On the night of March 31, locals living in hostels started bursting crackers and raising pro-Pakistan slogans outside the hostels of the non-Kashmiri students. Anti-India slogans were raised too.

Non-Kashmiri students raised pro-India slogans, resulting in a clash. The pro-India students claim that all the locals came out against them.



Pro-India students surround one of their injured friends following the April 1 clash. Facebook

The next day, some students raised anti-India slogans in the campus. Here is a video showing them hoisting a green flag symbolizing the flag of Pakistan right in front of the Director’s office.


NIT SrinagarThis is NIT Srinagar. Kashmiri Students Waived Pakistani flag inside campus. What a shame!#saveNITSrinagar#NITSrinagar

Posted by National Institute of Technology, Patna on Tuesday, 5 April 2016



It has been confirmed that this video was shot on April 1, the day after the first clashes between non-Kashmiri and Kashmiri students.

Pro-India students in NIT were protesting this anti-national activity. The administration prevented the students from communicating with the media which is when they had to carry the national flag for safety.

It was at the behest of the NIT administration that the police lathi charged and tear gassed them.

The J&K police continued to beat up any pro-India student who was trying to speak with the media even on Tuesday.


3 JK Policemen striking an innocent unarmed student down a and beating him with sticks on the spine and head. This is how JK police treats outsiders. I don’t understand where are the ministers ? Where is rest of India ? We cry for their rights all over India ! This is how they treat the rest of Indian children. What these people have done here cannot be undone. Shame on you !!#saveNITSrinagar#NITSrinagar

Posted by Save the students of NITSrinagar on Tuesday, 5 April 2016



What is the situation now?

Terrible for the pro-India students.

The CRPF was deployed on Tuesday night and the J&K police, which brutally beat up the students, has been removed. Following this there has been some sort of security for the non-Kashmiri students.


The HRD team formed to take stock of the situation has reached the campus.

Pro-India students are demanding a complete shut-down of the current NIT administration accusing them of playing politics against the non-Kashmiri students.