Principal Of A Government Primary School In Kanpur Reaches School Heavily Drunk

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4:24 pm 20 Sep, 2017


A few days ago, a 7-year-old was found murdered in Ryan International School, Gurugram. Little Pradyuman was found dead, with his throat slit, in the washroom of the school. The shocking incident raised many questions about the security of children in schools. This however, wasn’t the first time when security of children being compromised by a school was brought to light but was indeed a warning bell for all schools and parents to ensure the safety of children while they are on school premises.

But some schools still haven’t learned the importance of discipline and legitimate behavior by staff members. A recent incident from a primary school in Kanpur that has surfaced on the internet makes us believe so.

Pradeep Kumar reached school heavily drunk YouTube


Times Now reports Pradeep Kumar, principal of a government primary school in Nevada village of Bilhaur, Kanpur was seen teaching children under the influence of alcohol. The principal was reportedly misbehaving with a female teacher who then recorded the video clip which went viral on the internet in no time.

In the video, Pradeep Kumar can clearly be seen talking in an inebriated condition. Forget talking, he is so heavily drunk that he isn’t even able to speak clearly and couldn’t even sit properly or realize that he was being shot on camera. Towards the end of the video, the man gets surrounded by small children, who perhaps have no idea about the condition of their Principal.


You can watch the video of drunk principal in the government primary school of Kanpur here:


It is said that teachers are the role models for children but teachers like Pradeep Kumar are certainly a bad example for children to follow. While the other staff members at the school, students, and their parents must have considered themselves fortunate that no mishap took place with any of them while the principal reached the school drunk, the authorities must take action against Pradeep Kumar for this unethical and unprofessional act.