Japanese Princess To Give Up Her Royal Status To Marry A Commoner

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11:40 am 19 May, 2017

Japanese Princess, Mako, is all set to give up her royal status to marry her classmate who is a commoner.

Princess Mako, the eldest granddaughter of Japan’s emperor, will be marrying Kei Komuro, a legal assistant by profession and a former classmate whom she met at a restaurant.

Princess Mako Telegraph


Reports suggest that the Princess and Komuro, both 25, met five years ago at a party held to discuss studying abroad while they were students at the International Christian University at Tokyo. The Imperial Palace has not officially announced anything yet, but Japanese media believes that Princess Mako took Komuro to meet her parents and received their approval.

Kei Komuro Telegraph


Princess Mako would have to give up her royal status and become a commoner when she marries Komuro, swapping a royal status for the right to vote and pay taxes. The chief secretary, Yoshihide Suga, commented on the issue of male-only succession law,

There is no change in our view to proceed with consideration of steps to ensure stable imperial succession.

Prince Hisahito with his parents and sisters Telegraph


Japan’s royal family is facing a major challenge to continue its ever-shrinking imperial family and its future survival in the light of the male-only succession law. As of now, all hopes are pinned on the ten-year-old, Prince Hisahito, as the sole male member and the future heir-apparent.



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