A Priest In UP Killed His Wife Because She Gave A Flying Kiss To A Neighbour

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Updated on 5 Sep, 2017 at 3:47 pm

In a shocking incident, a priest in Uttar Pradesh, who would ask others to lead a life of contentment and happiness, killed his own wife when he caught her giving a flying kiss to a youth, reports News18.

The accussed, Shiv Prakash, accepted his crime on being arrested and also said that his wife had not “made such a big mistake that she deserved to be killed.”

He told the cops that he had seen his wife passing a flying kiss to a youth who lived in the neighbourhood. Police official O.P. Singh said:

“He called the boy to ask whether his wife had illicit relations with him. He also confronted his wife, Sadhna, which turned into a heated argument and later he killed her using scissors.”


The preist was arrested 15 days after the incident occured. All this while he told relatives that there was a loot in his house and that the robbers had killed his wife.

But evidences collected from his  house helped the cops nail him down for the murder, as there were no witnesses to any robbery in his house.