Zakir Naik Says He Is ‘Messenger Of Peace’ But Makes This Comment On Suicide Bombing

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2:13 pm 15 Jul, 2016

Zakir Naik began his press conference via Skype from Medina in Saudi Arabia by condemning the recent terror attack in the French city of Nice which has left around 84 dead and scores injured.

It was the Holey Artisan restaurant terror attack in Dhaka that brought Naik’s name in the spotlight. Bangladesh said that two of the five terrorists followed Naik’s speeches aired on Peace TV, which was till before the attack aired in the country.

In fact, it is because of his speeches that countries such as UK, Canada and even Malaysia banned him.


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Naik, however, claimed during the press conference that he did not inspire any terrorist. “I am a ‘messenger of peace’,” he added.

He condemned suicide bombing but sparked a controversy again by adding that it is a “tactic of war”.

“Suicide bombings where innocents are killed is haraam but permitted if a country is at war and is directed by a commander,” he said adding, “Suicide bombing was used as a tactic during Second World War.”

At the same time he said he challenges anyone to show any video of his where he is not condemning suicide bombing.

In his long-pending address, the controversial Islamic preacher again accused the media of demonizing him.


Addressing mediapersons, 50-year-old Naik said that he has answers to the allegations made by the media and he has stored them on pen drives for reporters.

He said, “Media, for ulterior motives, changes meaning. My answers are altered. Those who do that should be held responsible.”




Commenting on reports that accuse him of posing with terrorists, Naik said, “Knowingly, I have never met any terrorist, but if some people stand next to me, take photographs, I smile. I don’t know who they are.”

India’s Home Ministry is investigating Naik’s Mumbai-based Islamic Research Foundation and its funding. The ministry has reportedly asked authorities to probe companies linked to Naik and the source of the foreign funding.

The NIA has reportedly gone through 500 CDs containing speeches to see if they contain any inflammatory statements.


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