This Television Weather Presenter Got Kicked On The Bum During Live Forecast For ‘Good Luck’

6:38 pm 1 Jun, 2018


You might have heard of bizarre rituals that help in bringing good luck in various parts of the world. But what these news presenters do to bring in good luck for Mexico in the FIFA World Cup will make your jaw drop. Apparently, sports pundit Enrique Bermudez de la Serna and television host Jorge Van Rankin invented a new technique to bring ‘luck’ for Mexico by kicking on the bum of their co-presenter. Yes, you heard that right!




Well shockingly, the co-presenter is none-other-than Yanet Garcia. Labeled as the ‘Planet’s Sexiest Weather Girl’, 27 year-old, Yanet Garcia, presents the weather on Mexican television show ‘Hoy’. She has become world famous because of her goddess-like looks and personality. Evidently, the Playboy magazine had dubbed the Mexican diva as ‘the girl who makes you want to watch the weather’.



In an interesting turn of events, the sexiest weather girl used one of the features of her famous body as a good luck charm for the upcoming football World Cup. As Yanet Garcia was presenting the news with her co-hosts Bermudez and Van Rankin, they chose to play little light-hearted games during the live telecast.

During the telecast, Garcia wore the football t-shirt of Mexico over her red dress and during the same time, Enrique Bermudez asked Jorge Van Rankin to “Give her bum a kick for good luck!”



Agreeing to the game, Yanet gets playfully kicked on her bottom one-by-one by both her co-presenters. The trio seemed to have enjoyed the game as they were laughing throughout the time. Interestingly, Van Rankin apologized to Yanet Garcia as well before kicking her and Bermudez also followed the suit.





Well, that is some interesting thing to do for good luck, right?!