After Receiving Flak For Shaming #MeToo Victims, Preity Zinta Apologises For Hurting Sentiments

6:36 pm 20 Nov, 2018


Preity Zinta is in India to promote her upcoming movie Bhaiaji Superhit. While promoting the movie she gave an interview to media and also talked about the #MeToo movement. However, soon her comments over the topic went viral. The actress received flak for belittling the revolution and all that it stands for.

The video in which she is talking to an entertainment website has went viral on social media. In the nearly 5-minute video, Preity is talking at length about her take on the ongoing #MeToo movement.



In the interview, she allegedly called Bollywood one of the safest industries to work and said:


“Some women were using the movement ‘for personal vendetta or for publicity.’”



She laughingly revealed that someone once told her,  Aaj ki sweetu kal ki #MeToo ho sakti hai. Here is her viral interview.



She faced a lot of criticism on Twitter after the video went viral.



People blamed her to be insensitive about other’s experiences.



Fans were pretty angry with her statement and bashed her on social media.



However, Preity claimed her interview to be ‘edited and insensitive’, she tweeted that she had not said the way it was edited and represented in the particular interview.



After receiving a lot of backlash for shaming victims and laughing about sexual harassment, she has now apologised for her statement.

She said:

“I am a huge supporter of the movement and its unfortunate that some of my comments were taken out of context. I recognise that everyone is in a position to fight back and I don’t want to marginalise the women that have been abused.”


This is very important in today’s time to stay away from the ‘intentionally edited’ statements and comments as they play an important part in the perspective formation. Preity did well to come out and said it in open. Do you agree with her?

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