Unbelievable! This Pregnant Woman Gave Birth In a Coffin After She Was Buried

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2:26 pm 29 Mar, 2018


A bizarre case has come to light that has got everyone talking about it. The skeletal remains of a woman with a hole in her skull and bones of fetus lying between her legs have been found by a team of archaeologists. The remains were found and well-preserved in Imola, Italy, in 2010.

As per the investigation and research, it has been found out that the woman was aged between 25 to 35 years and was 38 weeks pregnant when she was buried.

Th report suggests that the remains date back to 7th or 8th century AD. The hole drilled in the center of her skull was an old medical practice to treat all sorts of ailments. Drilling and cutting the skull in half for treating ailments is known as trepanation. The researchers said that the bone even showed some signs of healing that suggests that she survived for at least a week after the procedure was done.


According to a report published in the Daily Mail,  the Universities of Ferrara and Bologna’s researchers said:


“The duo can represent an unusual case of ‘coffin birth’ after having a closer look. They also said that the child’s leg bones possibly never made it out of the pelvic cavity, however, the upper torso and head likely did, as though the fetus was partially delivered.”


As per the researchers, it’s a case of Coffin Birth that takes place when a fetus is expelled via the vaginal opening of the decomposing body of a deceased pregnant woman as a result of the increasing pressure of intra-abdominal gases. They also feel that the discovery of both trepanation, as well as Coffin Birth in the same set of remains, is completely unbelievable and rare.