Under Those 6-Pack Abs, This Mom Is 6 Months Pregnant And Everyone Is In Shock

3:08 pm 15 Jul, 2017


Motherhood is believed to be a beautiful feeling. And, documenting the growing baby especially when it is inside the womb is a beautiful journey every to-be-mom embarks on. Inside the mother’s body, the baby grows with each passing day, however the shape of the mothers body changes and it becomes extremely difficult to remain fit and slim in those 9 months.

Talking about the body shape, a pregnant Sarah Stage has given the world new fitness goals. The 33-year-old model showed off her to-die-for figure with washboard abs with a second child, don’t be surprised to know that she is in her third trimester.

Her pictures are now being widely circulated over the net as she has become the new super woman to have inspired millions of women around the world. Just take a look at her pictures.



Who can say that she is 24 weeks pregnant?


Sarah is a fitness freak and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to being healthy and taking care of her body. After she shared her pictures, people started discussing it and Twitterati were left in a shock!




And, in case you are wondering if this is even possible or is this just another Photoshop job, well, the pictures are completely real and so is Sarah. Her baby is safe and healthy, too!