Preeti Simoes Denied All The Allegations Made By Kapil And Threatened Him With A Defamation Suit

1:52 pm 21 Apr, 2018


Comedian Kapil Sharma seems to be losing his patience once again over his already flop show “Family Time With Kapil Sharma”. This time he has made allegations on his own team members and this incident is getting a lot of flak over the social media.


As per a recent report, Kapil has now made strong allegations against his crew member and ex-girlfriend Preeti Simoes.




Kapil recently put allegations on crew members who charged the audience members an entry fee, to be on his show. He has made indirect references to his ex-girlfriend Preeti Simoes and her sister Neeti. Over the same, Preeti has given some clarity. In an interview with a publication, Preeti said:

“Why would Neeti and I do anything of those sorts? When we were managing him, he did well professionally and then after we left, he did not do so well. If we were so bad at our work if we were ruining his life, why was he the biggest success story when I and Neeti were ‘so-called’ managing his life?”



She also mentioned that she couldn’t believe that he is the same person who ‘wanted them a few days back’. She also said that Kapil won’t be able to handle the matter if it gets into a legal zone.

“Unfortunately, I hoped that the allegations were up to my standard than theirs. I am not going to sit and sell tickets for Rs 30,000. Also, I am wondering who will buy a Rs 30,000 ticket to watch the show?”




Preeti also explained that she should be filing a defamation suit against Sharma and ask for Rs 25 crore instead of Rs 25 lakh. Kapil is facing a lot of trouble in his life since the time he indulged in a fight with Sunil Grover!

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