9 Precious Indian Diamonds That Are In The Possession Of Other Countries

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5:43 pm 26 Apr, 2016



India’s most talked about gem is the Koh-i-noor. It is again in the news. PM Modi’s government is under pressure to bring te Koh-i-noor back. Everyone is eyeing the gem as it is one of the most precious and historic items of our nation. But there are some more precious gems that were found in Indian mines but are now in different parts of the world.


1. This pale pink diamond is one of the rarest diamonds. Nader Shah took this, along with the Koh-i-noor, from Delhi to Iran.

It is said that this diamond was cut into two pieces; the larger part is the Darya-i-Noor; the smaller part is believed to be the 60-carat (12 g) Noor-ul-Ain diamond, presently studded in a tiara in the Iranian Imperial collection. It is believed another part of this diamond is in the vaults of Sonali Bank of Bangladesh.



2. AThis green colored, transparent diamond that was found in India, later reached Britain.

During a trade fair in Germany, Poland’s kKing Augustus III bought it for his own crown.



3. This light-yellow colored diamond was sold to the Austrian royal family for 35,000 Euro by the Castro family.

The Castro family got this diamond from Goa.



4. Ranjit Singh of Punjab captured the Hope diamond along with Koh-i-noor from Nader Shah but it later again went back to Iran.



5. The Orlov diamond that is sometimes spelled as Orloff.

It was stolen from a Tamil Nadu temple by a French soldier who pretended to be a devotee of the Lord for many years.



6. This white colored diamond is approximately worth 48,00,000 Euros. It is currently under the custody of the French government.

It was found by an Indian laborer and was later robbed by a British captain. Soon after that, he sold the diamond to an Indian businessmen. From there it reached France.



7. This unique shaped diamond is famous for its most remarkable feature.

Three of its original faces have the names of the three rulers who owned it engraved in Persian, along with the Hijrī year.



8. In the 1960s when the contents of the Iranian Treasury were opened, the existence of three legendary Indian diamonds was revealed.

The colorless  Taj-I-Mah is one of them



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