This Father’s Day Video Will Make You Want To Grow Young With Your Dad Again

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6:57 pm 19 Jun, 2015

Father’s Day is drawing close and we know that sons and daughters will get busy gifting something for the most important man in their lives. But what if you could gift your dad the most invaluable gift: His Youth!




Perhaps this is what contact lens manufacturer Bausch + Lomb wants to tell us through a very beautiful video that captures the essence of a father-child relationship.



Dad 2


After watching this video, you cannot but recall the precious moments you spent with your Dad.

(Click on the below image to watch video.)

*This video will not work in mobile device. Please click here to watch it on your device.


And in case you really want to gift you Dad his youth and get him rid off his glasses, do what Bosch + Lomb wants you to — take your Dad to the nearest Titan Eye Plus, GKB, or Lawrence and Mayo store.

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