Prasoon Joshi Bans The Film ‘X Zone’ Because It Had Graphic Love-Making Scenes

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5:14 pm 10 Sep, 2017

Some time back, Pahlaj Nihalani was sacked. The former Censor board chief has been a pain in the ass for filmmakers because he belonged to an era where sex wasn’t discovered, women never fantasized, and profanity was extinct. Thus, it was high time to send him back to his own pious world. He was replaced by the acclaimed lyricist, Prasoon Joshi. Since Joshi’s appointment, there has been less noise and more work. And recently, he banned a film titled ‘X zone’, directed by Faisal Kapadi. This is the first film to get the no-go certificate under his term and his reason to ban this film appears to be genuine.


According to CBFC sources, the film showed the graphic scenes of sex and nudity, including a frontal nudity shot of actress Hrishita Bhatt.

Bhatt has starred alongside Shah Rukh Khan in the film ‘Asoka’.


Censor guidelines remain the same. Sources said that sleaze isn’t allowed to pass and that this rule won’t change.

Earlier, it was reported that he had banned a Punjabi film, ‘Toofan Singh’, too, but the producers clarified that this movie was banned under Nihalani’s reign.

Prasoon Joshi recently passed Stephen King’s ‘It with no cuts and this shows that Censor board is indeed changing for the better.