Prashant Kishor Has A Suggestion For Congress: To Win UP, Get The Brahmins

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Updated on 24 Mar, 2016 at 11:34 pm


Prashant Kishor, unarguably the most astute political strategist in the modern era, has come up with an idea that might give Congress the breakthrough it desperately seeks in Uttar Pradesh.

Kishor has suggested that the Congress taps into the Brahmin vote bank and regain the base it lost to BJP post 1992.


Brahmin Votes



Estimates say that there are 10 per cent Brahmins in the total 21 crore population of Uttar Pradesh.

This significant population has been a loyal BJP supporter since the Babri Masjid demolition, but has been constantly declining in the last few years.

The Samajwadi Party made inroads into this voter base and took away 19 per cent of the vote bank to cruise to a massive victory in the 2012 Assembly Elections.


Yadav Meme


Kishor’s suggestion is that the ‘casteless’ Congress should tap this vote bank besides the Muslims to become a significant force in a state from where it has been absent for the last 27 years.




And will that help the grand old party in 2017?

Old horses say that the Congress might not benefit from this because it might alienate the other castes, which eventually gave birth to casteist parties like SP and BSP.

Kishor’s suggestion came in the presence of Rahul Gandhi, who is quite popular for taking pictures with the marginalized. So what has the scion of the GOP to say on that?


Sonia Meme