11 Pranks We Loved Playing On Our Siblings

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9:00 pm 21 Apr, 2015


Haven’t we loved our childhood so much that the mere thought of it brings a smile on our faces? The time spent with siblings remains so fresh that even today when you find time to catch up, you don’t mind playing a few pranks on each other.

1. Save the last bite

Didn’t you love to tease your sibling with the last bite that was left on your plate?

2. Trap them in someplace

Weren’t you cruel enough to close your little sister or brother in the cupboard?

3. Falsely accuse them


Blaming them for hitting you, complaining to your parents and giggling when they were being grounded, was the favorite prank.

4. Hide their favorite things

You would ask for perks to disclose where your sibling’s favorite toy was hidden.

5. Surprise attack

Waiting desperately for them to enter the room and then screaming at the top of your voice, making them fall down in fear.

6. Stick paper on back

Sticking a paper on your sibling’s back with a message that they got fired about.

7. Scare them at night

Donning a white bedsheet over your head and making horrible sounds.

8. Hide the alarm clock

What fun it was when you saw your sibling trying hard to stop the noise from the alarm clock.

9. Offering them salty water

First asking them if they want water and then giving them the taste of a lifetime.

10. Bucket of water on door

The sight of your sibling all drenched in water left you in splits.

 11. Mess up their hair


The minute you find them all ready to go somewhere, you played with their hair and left them flabbergasted.

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