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Pranav Mistry Is The Global VP Of Samsung But His Hometown Is Talking About His Car’s Number Plate

Published on 20 September, 2015 at 7:12 pm By

Pranav Mistry is the global vice-president of research of Samsung Electronics. Just 34, he is the inventor of the SixthSense technology and was one of the recipients of Young Global Leader 2013 announced by World Economic Forum.



But that is not why people at his native place in India love him. They admire him because he is the son who has not forgotten his roots.

A few days ago, Mistry tweeted this.

Yes, he bought an an Aston Martin – the car made popular by James Bond, but that was not what endeared him to his people. The real deal was what he tweeted next.  


The number plate reads ‘Palnpur’ referring to Palanpur in Gujarat. That was Mistry’s way of showing how connected he was to his roots.

Mistry is the son of an architect from Palanpur. He graduated in computer science from Gujarat University and then went to IIT-Bombay and MIT in the US. He pursued research at Microsoft and Nasa.

Palanpur is known for its diamond merchants. It is also home to renowned mathematician and logician Rohit Parikh and noted Gujarati author Chandrakant Bakshi.

His father told TOI that Pranav visits Palanpur at least once a year to connect with friends and relatives.



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