Netizens Are All Praises For This Special Rescue Mission From Karnataka And It Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

4:42 pm 24 Jul, 2018


The search and rescue portion of the mission to save 12 young boys and their soccer coach who were trapped in a flooded cave in Thailand, was closely watched by millions the world over. Did you know India played a major role in saving the people stuck in the cave? Apparently, Thailand also thanked India for offering assistance in the rescue mission as well. To our very surprise, there is another rescue mission that is seemingly garnering attention on the internet.

In an unexpected turn of events, a video is getting viral on the social media featuring a bunch of young men coming together to save a ‘little goat’ from a deep tube-well. The video has come from a remote area in Karnataka showing the efforts of the young men in order to save the baby goat. The goat found itself in the dangerous situation after falling into the deep tube-well.




The deep well could have been the deathbed of the goat but due to the efforts of the courageous youth, it was saved and taken out on time. In the video, the people are seen discussing ways to save the goats when one of them volunteered to go inside the tube well. He instructed another one of his friends to hold him by the legs while he goes inside to pick up the little goat. And incidentally, two men held the volunteer tightly while he takes out the goat.



What the entire video of the rescue mission here:




As expected, the video is going viral over the social media and the netizens have responded to the video with their perspectives. While many are applauding the efforts of the men who risked their lives to save the animal, there are many who are questioning the need to dug such a deep well.




Take a look at some of the tweets:




Brilliant job!


Kudos to the team!


That is actually pathetic!


Ver brave indeed!


Of course, we do love the animals!


That’s a relatable topic!



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