The Pandavas Prayed At This Prachin Maa Mahakali Temple Before The Battle Of Kurukshetra

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7:20 pm 24 Jun, 2016


In ‘The Mahabharata’, Sonepat was one of the five villages that the Pandavas had asked of the Kauravas. When the demand was ignored, it led to the Battle of Mahabharat. Before going to battle at Kurukshetra, the Pandavas had stopped at the now 6000-year-old temple – Prachin Maa Mahakali Temple.

In the temple, an eternal flame brought from the temple of Kalkaiji keeps burning. Near the temple, the Pandavas dug a well, which is called the Pandavas’ Well.

Maa Mahakali Temple, Sonepat


There was a maadhi (prayer place) of Chandi Mata at the temple which was renovated sometime in 1377 by Lodhamal. Then, in 1434, this temple was renovated by Kartik Sudi Doj. Special pujas (prayers) are held at the temple every Saturday. Fairs are held there twice a year – on Sheetal Shaptmi and in the month of Asaadh.

It is believed that if devotees worship here for 40 days with pure minds, they get their wishes fulfilled. After getting their wishes, devotees return to offer a garland of lemons to Maa Mahakali.


Origin: SUNO



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