8 Most Iconic And Powerful Monologues From Bollywood Films That Are Sure To Impress You

10:30 am 24 Aug, 2018


Over the years, Bollywood films have become a part of our daily lives. Many Bollywood films have an everlasting impact on the audience. Be it music, story or acting, such films are always remembered for their strong appeal to the audience. Interestingly, there are many films which impress us with their iconic dialogues. We have witnessed some great actors delivering splendid performances with epic dialogues that have become a part and parcel of our lives. There are some powerful monologues enacted by the best actors in Bollywood that have left us inspired.

It is the writers who bring out the best dialogues of a film and the actor who executes the dialogues to create an impact. These powerful monologues from Bollywood films have embodied the power of Indian cinema in a way that we refer to them every now and then in our real lives too.




Indeed our Bollywood films are not only known for songs and dance numbers, but also for these hard-hitting and powerful monologues will stay with us forever. Have a look at some of the most powerful monologues by popular characters from Bollywood films.


1. Shah Rukh Khan (Chak De! India)



Well, who would have thought that Bollywood’s King of Romance could play such a serious character of a veteran sports player with such a grace? Shah Rukh Khan made the role even more epic with the pre-climatic dressing room scene in which he delivers the iconic ‘Sattar Minute’ monologue in the sports drama Chak De! India. It is one of the most inspirational and powerful monologues Bollywood has offered to the audience.


2. Amitabh Bachchan – Pink



Sadly, there is hardly any film in Bollywood that perfectly describes the perspectives of today’s society in which men and women are judged on different aspects of life. What we loved most about the film were its forceful dialogues that mocked the double standards of the society. The best thing about Pink is Amitabh Bachchan’s soul-stirring and powerful monologue ‘No Means No’ that has opened the eyes of the millions of audience who were living in the illusion that a girl’s ‘Yes’ is in her ‘No’.


3. Taapsee Pannu – Mulk



One of the finest performances by Bollywood girl-next-door Taapsee Pannu, Mulk is a heart-wrenching story of the existential crisis of a Muslim family in Indian. Taapsee delivered an emotional yet dramatic monologue in the court during her argument with Ashutosh Rana and blew our minds away. Well, the film has righteously received all the praises from the audience for Taapsee’s memorable performance.


4. Alia Bhatt – Raazi



Another golden feather in Alia Bhatt’s cap! She took the audience by surprise with her impactful performance in the film Raazi. A film based on true events, Raazi is the story of an Indian spy in Pakistan. Her profound and moving speech at the end of the film is considered as one of the most powerful monologues Bollywood films have offered. Her performance brought tears to the eyes of the audience as she begs to be sent back home. What a splendid talent at such an early stage in her acting career!


5. Naseeruddin Shah – A Wednesday



‘The stupid common man’ from the film A Wednesday is one of the most iconic monologues in Bollywood films. Naseeruddin Shah displays multiple emotions in the film as he tries to explain the motive behind his decision of dealing with the issues of terrorism by himself because apparently, the system wouldn’t. The viewers stayed glued to the screen because of the nuanced performance by Shah and his monologue is the show-stealer in this acclaimed thriller.


6. Kartik Aaryan – Pyaar Ka Punchnama



Kartik Aaryan explained the plight of every boyfriend who is fed up with ‘taking care’ of his cheeky girlfriend. He delivered one of the most hilarious yet powerful monologues. While many ladies stood up against the scenes, men nationwide couldn’t agree more! Most related to the frustration of a typical boyfriend who is irritated by his girlfriend’s suffocating attitude.


7. Shahid Kapoor – Haider



Shahid Kapoor deserved all the accolades for his performance in this Vishal Bhardwaj’s directorial film. Haider is one of those films which leave an everlasting impact on the audience. And, Shahid Kapoor won our hearts with one of his most powerful monologues from the film that tells a local crowd about the poor and corrupt administration. One of the most underrated actors in the industry, Shahid Kapoor definitely left us stunned with his soulful performance as Haider in the film.


8. Sridevi – English Vinglish



We have been all-praises for the legendary actress Sridevi. She has given some of the most memorable Bollywood movies. With English-Vinglish, Sridevi proved her sheer brilliance yet again. Evidently, her winning monologue in the climax of the film gives a new perspective on life. In this Gauri Shinde directorial, not only the character of Shashi played by Sridevi found her identity in the crowd, she also taught us an important lesson with her powerful monologue in the end.


Which of these powerful monologues from Bollywood films is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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