Posters Warning Against ‘Love Jihad’ With Picture Of Kareena Kapoor Distributed At A Spiritual Fair In Jaipur

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2:18 pm 20 Nov, 2017


At a five-day spiritual fair organized by Hindu Spiritual and Service Foundation (HSSF) in Jaipur, anti-Muslim content is being peddled in the form of two booklets by Vishva Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal Members. The booklets are pitched as a part of a campaign against “love-jihad”.

Reportedly, one of these is a 16-page manual titled  ‘Jihad and love jihad… Hindu girls beware’ being sold for Rs.5 by VHP and advises women in Hindu houses to use words such as “terrorists”, “anti-nationals”, “pro-Pakistanis”, “womanisers”, and “smugglers” for Muslims. It urges parents of school and college going girls to keep a check on their daughters’ activities.

Poster using morphed picture of Kareena Kapoor. Jansatta

The booklet says Muslim boys visit houses of Hindu girls regularly, respect their parents and gain their trust which is all a part of a “larger scheme”. The conversation between the boy and the girl then diverts towards love and the girl then wants to marry the same boy. If the parents do not approve of the marriage, the girl elopes with the boy and converts to Islam after marriage.

A pamphlet warning Hindu girls to beware. NDTV

The booklet also reportedly has a rate-list that mentions amount of money received by “love-jihad” according to the caste of the Hindu girl married by Muslim men.

The rate-list mentioning amount love-jihad gets for marrying Hindu girls. IBNLive

The second of these is a pamphlet that is being distributed for free by members of VHP and Bajrang Dal has two pictures of Kareena Kapoor, one of which is a morphed picture having a Bindi on her forehead and half of her face covered with a naqab (veil used by Muslims).

Saif Ali Khan’s marriage with Kareena Kapoor cited as example of love-jihad. DNAIndia


The pamphlet states that Muslims have been using “love-jihad” to “convert Hindus for the last thousand years”. Examples of marriages of Bollywood actors Aamir Khan and Saif Ali Khan have been cited as “examples… as they have deserted their Hindu wives to entrap other Hindu women”.




The Times of India reports that upon being contacted, the organizers denied distribution of the provocative material. It is reported that HSSF had tied up with 1,200 educational institutions in and around Jaipur who had brought hundreds of students to the fair.

The pamphlets have reportedly been withdrawn from the fair. TOI

Meanhwile, in another post, The Times of India has reported that the controversial booklets have now been withdrawn by VHP and Bajrang Dal from their stalls at the fair claiming that they were meant only for “organizational use”.

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