A Man Wrote A Brave Post Exposing How Shiv Sena Influenced Local Police During Diwali

3:17 pm 28 Oct, 2017


In a Facebook Post, Saket Gokhale, a resident of Mira Road, Mumbai, shared an alarming incident that happened during the Diwali festivities. He pointed out how a local Shiv Sena leader “politely” told him not to complain to the police about the use of noisy loudspeakers at a religious programme which was allegedly organized by the Shiv Sena party.




Saket was asked to “compromise” though it was impossible for him to sit inside the house with infuriating noise outside. Is this how a Mumbai citizen gets exploited in the name of power?


Saket shared his unpleasant experience with the Mumbai Police and it will make you question your right as a citizen:

The Maharashtra how the Maharashtra cops put me in jeopardy (and I need your help). There’s been some religious program organized by the Shiv Sena near my mom’s house. They play loudspeakers at full volume way past midnight and I call the cops every night to the complaint. It’s almost impossible to sit inside the house with sound levels crossing 85dB.

This morning I got a call from an unknown number. Turns out it was the local Shiv Sena leader who organized this program. He was polite and asked me to “compromise” for another couple of days. He evoked the upcoming Chhat Puja festival of Biharis and said no one complains about that so the program organized by Maharashtrians should also be accommodated.

This leader got my number from the local police. A similar thing had happened 2 years ago when I called the local cop station and the BJP corporator of the area answered the phone. Yup: a politician answered the phone at the police station.

While this Shiv Sena leader was polite, I don’t know how things will be the next time. The message is clear: he knows my name, number, and where I live. The main Shiv Sena head of this area was arrested a couple of years ago for shooting someone with a pistol. So all in all, its a beautiful situation for me because I can’t complain anymore since they know everything about me.

I’d like you to please share this so that it reaches the powers-that-be and some action is taken. Its scary that cops who are meant to protect us are actually the ones who put us in dangerous situations.

If anything happens to me, the Maharashtra Police is solely responsible for that.


The day the power of the police force trumps the power of politics, citizens will breathe free.

Here is Saket’s Facebook post: