10 Positive Points Of Online Dating

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Updated on 29 Aug, 2018 at 2:53 pm


1. All kinds of forums

Whether you’re looking for long-term, short-term or one night stands, there are platforms for just about any kind of relationship you want. Choose a few that fit your needs and create your profiles on them.

2. Compatibility matching

Most of these dating sites have a matchmaking option that allows you to view profiles that have the most in common with you. If you’re too lazy or busy to talk to lots of people, this option is good for you.

3. Vast pool of options

There are people from all walks of life and from around the world on these dating sites. That’s way more options than you’ll ever get in real life. The saying ‘one in a million’ becomes true for online dating.

4. Choosing preferences


If you like a certain hair color, a certain physique, or certain personality traits, you can set them as your preferences in your profile. That way you’ll be matched up with people who have that quality.

5. Choosing deal-breakers

Likewise, there’ll be qualities that you just don’t want in a partner; it can be anything from smoking to living with their parents. You can set these deal-breakers in your profile too so that nobody wastes your time.

6. Matching priorities

Since the online dating world has so many options, one way of shortening the process is by seeing whose priorities match with yours. Most profiles are set up to display the likes and dislikes, so you’ll know if a person shares the same interests as you.

7. Communicating before meeting

There’s nothing worse than meeting someone and realizing in the first few minutes that you’d rather be anywhere else in the world. Since you chat with people online before meeting them, you know that you have some degree of interest in them.

8. Background checks

There are a lot of freaks out there. If you met someone at a coffee shop or mall and sat down with them, you’d know virtually nothing about them. However, as soon as you start communicating with a person online, you can Google them and see their history.

9. Photo before meeting

A lot of your friends and family bore you with details of a person who looks like a dog. But in online dating, you’ve already seen what the people look like. Some will cheat and use old or photo-shopped photos, but they never get beyond date one anyway.

10. Cheaper and safer


You could waste time and money meeting people only to decide that you hate them. Worse, they could be complete psychopaths. Viewing profiles from the safety of your home seems like a good option when you think of the number of kooks in the world.

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