Do You Want To Taste Sunny Leone And Mia Khalifa? Don’t Tell Anyone, You Can Do It In Delhi

1:38 pm 1 Dec, 2018


Imagination has wings and when it comes to India, then it has some extraordinary powers. Sure, everyone has the freedom to express their ideas but what should be the limit? India continues to disappoint when it comes to the state of women here. The representation of their body and objectification is not only foul played in movies but in real life as well, and recently something completely bizarre came to light. A restaurant in Delhi went overboard in naming its dishes.

A social media user recently posted a picture of a Delhi restaurant’s menu highlighting names of certain dishes. And it seems like the owner is so fond of the porn artists that he/she named some of the food items as Mia Khalifa Chaap, Sunny Leone Malai Chaap, and Baby Doll Chaap. They stand out on the menu, and you know why.




The restaurant serving these poorly named dishes is Veer Ji Malai Chaap Wale, which specializes in Malai Chaaps. Creativity for business is understandable, but not when it objectifies women, irrespective of their background.



Are they trying to prove some point here or they are just being pathetic? It is a type of cheap mentality that objectifies women like this? Naming food items after women, in general, seems objectification and when the names are of pornstars, then we do get the hint, don’t we?



It seems like one entire gender exists for the amusement of another. Such kind of action might look very funny and harmless, but it reflects upon the mentality of our sanskari population. On one hand, we worship women but on another hand, we do not look at them with respect.