Pornhub Wants To Buy Vine From Twitter So That It Can Bring Back ‘NSFW Glory’

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2:00 pm 28 Oct, 2016

Consider this an offer Twitter can refuse.

Exactly 15 hours ago, on Thursday, Vine posted the news of its abrupt closure. The video sharing service founded in 2012 and acquired by Twitter that same year said that they will be discontinuing the mobile app in the next few months.

Now Pornhub VP Corey Price has written to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey telling him, in a rather tongue-in-cheek manner, that he is willing to “infuse cash” into the service to keep it going.




CNET reports that Price’s letter contains this:

“We figure since Twitter has dropped (Vine) and is having significant layoffs, that you and your stakeholders could benefit from a cash infusion from the sale of Vine. Not to mention we would be saving Vine gems like ‘Damn Daniel,’ ‘Awkward Puppets’ and many more.”

Price also assures that the fans of Vine will be able to watch “porn in six seconds” because that is “more than enough” (God knows for what). He also assures that he would “restore Vine to Its NSFW glory”. For the record, Vine has an NSFW section.




Of course, there is no reason for Dorsey to sell off Vine to Pornhub unless he is in terrible need of money.

Vine is known for its six-second-videos which are watched by millions on loop. Twitter said that it will axe 9 per cent of its employees with the closure of Vine. But Rus Yusupov, one of the co-founders of the company, put this on Twitter, hinting that he is not happy with the decision.


At the same time, Twitterati posted some nostalgia tweets from the Vine database expressing their sadness.



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