12 Bullshit Advice That People Always Give Each Other

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Updated on 18 Jan, 2018 at 4:03 pm


1. You must grow roots

No. Not unless you’re a tree. This bullshit advice is given by those who try to convince you that having a routine in a cage beats freedom that carries with it risks. Roots or wings, it’s your choice.

2. You’ll get over it

No, you won’t. Hopefully you’ll grow above it and be able to view it with emotional detachment…most of the time. Truth is, if something or someone did a number on you, you’ll probably not get “over” it.

3. Life is short

No, it bloody isn’t. Unless you’re talking about babies or small children dying, life feels pretty fucking long. Most of us are so bored and looking for something to do because life feels tedious.

4. Respect your elders

Have you friggin’ met half the elders I’ve come across? Even a saint couldn’t manage to keep calm around them. Respect those who deserve respect, despite their age.

5. No sex before marriage

If your sense of morality depends on you getting a piece of paper from the government telling you it’s okay to fuck, re-examine your values. Don’t have (or don’t not have) sex due to peer pressure.

6. Try and fit in

Not unless you’re part of a jigsaw puzzle. Thing is, we all have to adapt. If fitting in involves minor changes, then it’s okay. But don’t change who you are for anyone.

7. Try, try till you succeed


Society has placed such a high value on being persistent that people have forgotten the art of letting go. Sometimes, it is best to give up. Assess your situation and decide if you are okay with persistent failure.

8. Fight for your love

I’m sorry, but if your love wants to be with you, then you won’t have to fight for him/her. If the only way you manage to keep them near you is by fighting others off, let it go.

9. Forgive and forget

Forgiveness is good for you; if you don’t forgive you’ll keep holding grudges, which is bad for you. But to forget it means you won’t remember the lesson you should have learned; so, don’t forget.

10. Good things come to those who wait

Do they? Or do good things go to those who go out there and try to get them? Being patient shouldn’t be confused with being inactive/passive. If you want something, try to get it.

11. Don’t take it personally

How else are you supposed to take it? You’re a person, you live by your views, you try to forward your interests; if someone tries to hurt you, you damn well take it personally!

12. I’m sure he/she didn’t mean it

Psychology tells us that everything we say, even a joke, has a grain of truth in it (sometimes more than a grain) so whatever he/she said, they meant at least some of it.