What Is ‘Pop Up Dinner’, The Latest Rage In Ultimate Elite Dining Experience?

4:58 pm 24 Aug, 2018


The ‘Elite Table’ is a brand new concept in fine dining introduced for the first time in Nagpur by chef Malvika. Just like me, who else is excited to try new dishes with a twist? TY earlier shared a few lip-smacking recipes for awesome food combos you can try with Indian food, but how about a dinner with a new theme/menu every time? That’s where ‘Pop up dinner’ concept comes in!

So, have we got you excited enough to know what happens when you enter a restaurant and you see a different menu each time? Read further!



So you need to first know what is a ‘Pop up dinner’ first, isn’t it?



Here’s the answer – it is a seven course sit down dinner, which you can have with a selective (maximum 20) diners. This ‘Pop up dinner’ can be a gastronomic delight, trust me!



So what’s the next question? The sample menu? Definitely, it is as interesting as you imagine it!



1. Let’s start with the first course itself– Amuse Bouche



Amuse Bouche is a single, bite-sized portion but not an appetizer. It’s generally served with wine and the french word means “mouth amuser”. Great started, right?



2. The second course – Poached Pear with Feta salad



This is especially delightful with Dhokla crisps and olive oil. Perfect as a dessert but even better as a starter salad!



3. The third course – Rajasthan special ‘Raan E Subwich’



This Raan (Rajasthani style cooking) is best served with a bread loaf or with curry leaf mayonnaise.



4. The fourth course – Girkins with rest of the three dishes



A pickled cucumber is for the selective but we are sure you won’t mind having it with your lavish food spread!




5. The fifth course – Capers, to add a distinctive sour/salty flavor



Capers are fairly pricey, not because they are part of the ‘Pop up dinner’, but because they aid in giving a different flavor to many savory dishes!



6. The sixth course – Cheesy papad served with salad



This one is for those who like everything crunchy! Papad is a common Indian crisp, either fried or cooked with dry heat. Served with chopped onions, tomatoes and green chilies.



7. The seventh course – Thai Paw salad


Add peanuts, sugar, lime juice and fish sauce to make a lovely and crunchy salad. The sweet and sour taste of this salad isn’t for everyone’s taste buds!



Hey, we didn’t forget your most awaited part – the desserts! For that, there will be Gajar Halwa, white chocolate tart, toasted nut crumb & salted caramel ice cream!



Well, let’s not even go towards the non-veg menu to get you more tempted! Let’s leave you to ‘whet your appetite’ as they say!



The idea of holding ‘Pop up dinner’ was conceived by chef Malvika who has restaurants in Nagpur and came up with the idea in her student life. According to her,

“When you have ‘Pop up dinners’ instead of running a regular restaurant, you can experiment with new foods, seasonal offerings and provide something fun and fancy at each dinner.”


Armed with work experiences in hotels like The Taj (Mumbai) and Hotel Syrakko (Pune), the star chef took a plunge with this new elite dining experience which she stared with her husband Arjun Mane.




Next time you’re in Nagpur, do try the ‘Pop up dinner’ at their premises ‘The Elite Table’ and eat your heart out! Price for this gourmet dinner (with wine) is only Rs. 1200/ per head including GST.