Poonam Pandey Got Trolled With Epic Replies When She Asked This Question

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12:11 pm 11 May, 2016


Who doesn’t know Poonam Pandey?  Well, obviously not at all for a good reason. I don’t want to call her an actress, it will be better to address her as our nation’s stripper. Poonam ji I think no one is interested in your stripping proposal any more.

But people definitely know the worth of Nawazuddin Siddiqui – a phenomenal actor, well known for his commendable dialogue delivery and fantastic acting skills. It looks as if Poonam Pandey invited troll kings on herself when she decided to post this on her Twitter handle:




When she posted this, she never could have imagined the consequences. But, people didn’t leave a chance to let her know who “The man” standing behind her.




I guess by now Ms Pandey would have understood who the man standing behind her was and what worth he has in the eyes of the people of India. Poonam ji hope you will think twice before posting any stuff on social media the next time.

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