8 Facts About Poveglia, A Small Island In Italy Which Is The Spookiest Place In The World

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9:00 am 21 Aug, 2017


Poveglia, a small island in Italy, has become famous as the spookiest place on Earth. The island is located between Lido and Venice in Italy and is separated by two canals.

1. Scientists have discovered that 50 percent of this island’s soil contains traces of human skeletons.


Aerial view of the island. Jagran

2. The island is spread across 17 acres and the locals believe that anyone who visits the island never comes back alive. This island lies to the north of the famous Venicia lake.


High walls protect the island. Jagran

3. The island has been secured by high walls to ensure that no one enters the island anymore.


The existing structures on the island include a church, an asylum, a cavana, a hospital, a bell-tower and various other housing complexes.


The roads are now covered in forest Jagran

4. The island was first mentioned in 421 AD when people fled to this region to escape invasions.

The island’s population grew steadily but in 1379, it came under the attack of Genoan fleet.


A hall on the island Jagran

5. In 1776, after centuries of abandonment, the island came under the administration of public health office and became a check point for all the ships coming and going from Venice.


A jetty Jagran

6. In 1793, there were several cases of plague on two ships and hence the island gradually transformed into the quarantine unit for such cases.

By 1805, it became a permanent confinement unit for plague patients.


A hospital ward Jagran

7. In 20th century, after Napolean destroyed the church on the island and converted the bell tower into a lighthouse, the island was once again used as a quarantine station.


The church Amusing Planet

8. In 1968, the hospital stopped functioning and the island was deserted once again. It is estimated that more than 100,000 people died on this island due to plague and mental illness.

Some people believe that the patients were dumped on the island during the last stages of their illness and never received medical care. Some also claim that the mentally ill were severely tortured here.


A dilapidated room Amusing Planet


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