Exclusive: After Alleging That She Has Been Raped By Salman Khan, Pooja Misrra Accuses Sonakshi Sinha Of Black Magic!

6:37 pm 17 Oct, 2018




Pooja Misrra's Interview



Pooja Misrra recently accused Salman Khan and his brother of raping her. Now, she alleges that Sonakshi Sinha is also a part of the gang determined to ‘harass’ her and has done ‘black magic’ on her. Recently, TopYaps.com had a one-on-one conversation with the actress as she revealed her story to us. So, brace yourselves as we bring Pooja Misrra’s interview straight to you!

First, listen to some of the major highlights from Pooja Misrra’s interview which will boggle your mind:



Pooja Misrra's interview


What you have heard is Pooja Misrra accusing Salman Khan of stealing her storyboard idea and making a movie out of it. From what we understand, she is hinting that Salman’s new movie Bharat is actually her brainchild.



Pooja Misrra's interview


Now, from the audio above, it is crystal clear that the actress has openly accused Sonakshi Sinha of black magic! You read that just right!



Also, in the third clip, she is comparing her plights with that of Tanushree Dutta. Pooja claims that Tanushree Dutta didn’t even suffer 0.5% of what she has. Apparently, Pooja suffered from a vaginal infection and fractures.


Pooja Misrra's interview


Not only these, but she also showered a bunch of allegations against Shatrughan Sinha, Sonakshi Sinha and a few other people. Alongside, she also claimed that her family is under the influence of black magic done by Sinhas. Hear it out yourself, our full exclusive interview with Pooja Misrra:



The actress has further shared a video with us which according to her is proof of the “injustice” that she endured in her life:



Earlier, she took to social media and started the storm by talking about her alleged rapists. Watch it here:



Watch this one too:



What do you think is the reality behind Pooja Misrra’s allegations against some of the leading names of B-town? Also, after listening to the interview, what’s your take on her comments about black magic? Let us know in the comments!


Note: The story is just the representation of the facts and video shared by the person mentioned in the story during an exclusive interview. TopYaps do not support or accuse anyone mentioned in the story. Also, we do not endorse black magic.

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