Salman Khan Is The Person Who Helped His ‘Veergati’ Co-star Pooja Dadwal Overcome Tuberculosis

1:53 pm 10 Aug, 2018


Actress Pooja Dadwal who appeared in  Salman Khan starer film ‘Veergati’ (1995) has just been discharged from Mumbai’s Sewri TB Hospital. The actress was suffering from tuberculosis for many months. In a recent conversation to a publication, Pooja has talked about her improved health and how Salman Khan played a very crucial role in her recovery. Just after getting discharged from the hospital, Pooja who previously worked as a casino manager in Goa, headed to the city and credited Salman for her recovery.

Pooja Dadwal mentioned how Salman supported her in her bad condition and lent her a helping hand.



She also spoke about how Salman’s foundation took care of her needs.

“One of the side-effects of tuberculosis is social rejection but I am really thankful to Salman Khan who lent me the support. From clothes to soaps, diapers, food, medicines, his foundation took care of everything. If I survived the ordeal, it is only because of him.”



The report also states that apart from supervising her treatment, Salman’s Being Human Foundation also took care of supplements and vitamins for Ms Dadwal. In March this year, Pooja was admitted to the hospital and at that time her weight was as low as 23 kilos.

After getting proper treatment, the actress was diagnosed and now she is healthy and weighs 43 kilos. Pooja Dadwal has also revealed that she will continue her medication for another month.



Pooja also stated about being isolated by her family members. She revealed:

“My family and friends had abandoned me. I gave up all hope after the doctors told me that my lungs were severely affected. Incessant coughing and breathlessness had left me weak. And I saw so many like me, dying all alone – their friends and family, like mine, had deserted them. But then I decided that I don’t want to end up like that. I decided to fight, to not let the disease win.”



She also stated how she could not contact Salman Khan initially. She said:

“I got to know six months ago that I was suffering from tuberculosis. After learning about this I tried to contact Salman Khan but there was no response from him”



However, Salman’s team finally reached out for her help!

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