This Young Girl Saved Her Father’s Life By Donating Her Liver, And Got Applause For Her Brave Step

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2:36 pm 9 Nov, 2017


Pooja Bijarnia is her father’s ‘hero’, and here is why he calls her that: this young lady got into a liver transplant in order to ensure that his father can live a healthy and happy life. She certainly gave a true meaning to daddy’s angel.

Dr. Rachit Shrivastava/Facebook

In a post on Facebook, Dr. Rachit Shrivastava praised Pooja’s brave decision to participate as a donor in a liver transplant operation of her father. Nowadays it is hard to see a child coming forward to donate organs in times of need. However, Pooja is not an ordinary girl either.

In his post, Dr. Shrivastava called Pooja a real life hero who don’t believe in words like luck, fear and impossible. He also said that she is the perfect answer to those who call their daughters as useless.

“A girl whom I don’t know personally but then for me,she is a HERO who underwent LIVER TRANSPLANT and saved life of her father. Proud of you girl and there is so much to learn from people like her. God bless you Pooja Bijarnia,” he wrote.


According to doctors, the liver of Pooja’s father was in a very bad condition and if he was not operated upon soon, then he may have to lose his life.

Though Pooja has two sisters, she was the one who decided to take this step to save his father’s life.

A liver transplant costs anywhere from Rs 10 lakh to over Rs 20 lakh, and organ recipients have to continue taking immuno-suppressant drugs throughout their lives. As per a nationwide study, a third of patients with chronic liver disease in India seek medical help too late when the only options are a liver transplant or palliative care. The findings suggest that many patients tend to ignore the early warning signs.

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Salute to you brave girl!

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